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AEP introduces to its subsidiaries a market approach that delivers high quality information services. AEP subsidiaries analyze the best practices, and fully document the practice procedures and methodologies. This improves consistency and quality of delivered services, positively impacts client satisfaction, which results in improved resource utilization and revenue realization. The AEP approach fosters long term and mutually beneficial client relationships, operational efficiency, and financial performance.

AEP subsidiaries embrace the following organizational principles:


AEP subsidiaries utilize expert advisors for client engagement management. These consultants deliver business process and information technology advisory services and oversee the relationship between the services team and the client. AEP consultants are responsible for gathering and understanding client requirements, and setting initial client expectations. They work in partnership with the project managers to design new client engagements, applying the appropriate solution framework and project management standard, which are in turn executed by the engineering team.


An essential key to AEP client satisfaction is the execution of effective business process analysis and adherence to project management procedures. Long term success requires process enhancements based on business strategy and built on architecture which can evolve into the future.

In addition, AEP subsidiaries emphasize the development of business solutions in close collaboration with client teams, joint discovery of areas for process and application improvement, and careful adherence to client budgetary constraints. The client's return on investment is optimized by implementing functionality in measurable stages. This approach provides immediate benefit, incremental improvement over time, and measurable project success.

Central to AEP's emphasis on measurable results are skilled project managers (PM).  PMs are chosen for their ability to analyze client requirements and use documented project management procedures to complete projects on time, at budget, and deliver to expectations. This disciplined approach includes detailed posting of accurate hours for each stage, which results in an array of descriptive client project reports.

Client satisfaction leads to new projects that benefit both the client and the AEP organization. Undertakings with established liaisons are approved promptly facilitating the more efficient use of resources.


As performance is optimized, engineering utilization and revenue realization are maximized. To meet the needs of corporate and institutional clients, trained information technology professionals are required. AEP professional IT staffing provides the human resource recruiting and management of highly qualified and experienced temporary, contract-to-hire, and permanent IT professionals.

Measure and Reward

AEP organizations operate with a formal business plan and objectives which are measured monthly, quarterly and annually. We carefully design and build our businesses from the client back to develop longer term and mutually beneficial client relationships. These practices produce a highly effective integration services organization with minimal management overhead.  Management procedures and incentives are put in place to empower field managers to focus the business on the client.

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