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AEP establishes an investment and management stake in the tactical and strategic operations of each professional service organization with which it is involved. AEP principals drive growth by leveraging a depth of business and service expertise in the management of its subsidiaries.

Our principal task is to develop three tightly coordinated and interdependent units within each organization:

  • Project management and engineering
  • Consulting and client engagement
  • Human resource recruiting and placement

Additionally, AEP applies a shared services model for accounting, banking, tax, and personnel/payroll.

AEP members have developed a disciplined management methodology that optimizes growth and performance with the objective of creating long term value. These disciplines are listed below.

  • Service practices are fully documented
  • Service employees are managed to metrics
  • Professional project management procedures are consistently followed
  • A professional senior consulting team is developed to maintain a steady pipeline of new client engagements
  • Significant attention is paid to developing and maintaining solid, mature strategic business relationships
  • Innovative staff and resource augmentation solutions are introduced that ensure the ability to meet growing client demand

The disciplined application of these management principles and methodology ensures high quality service delivery to the client, creating long-term and multi-project client relationships. The result is the creation and advance of businesses with high multiple value and financial strength.

TopLine Strategies, Top IT Staff, and Venture Resource Group are examples of AEP businesses.

TopLine Strategies is a consulting, project management and application engineering firm that helps clients optimize their business processes and systems.

Top IT Staff is a professional IT human resource management and consulting firm focused on the recruitment, placement and personnel management of IT professionals.

Venture Resource Group provides accounting, finance, human resource, banking, and working capital services to AEP organizations.

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